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Otokar Březina Gymnasium and and Vocational High School Telč

Publikováno: 19. dubna, 2023

The history of the grammar school dates back to the year 1852 when the so-called lower Technical Secondary School was founded in the City of Telč.
Ten years later, this type of school obtained the right to use the Czech language as the main language of instruction, and thus it gained an interesting pre-eminence. The Telč „realschule“ became the oldest, and actually the only one Czech secondary school of its kind in Moravia at the time. The school, administered by the local municipal council, had been missing its own building, so, on 26th March 1872, the local board decided that a new building be erected, and as early as in the summer 1876 the building was finished and the students could be given their school reports there. Moreover, the lower technical school was promoted to its upper eight-year level in the school year 1874/75.
Of course, the years of World War I marked the school heavily. Some students and teachers departed to the frontline, and so the school had to solve personnel problems, postponed maturitas, lack of money and so on. When the independent Czechoslovak state had originated, the Upper Technical Regional School was transformed into the Otokar Březina State Technical Grammar School. The right to bear the name of one of the most famous Czech poets was undertermined by the fact that O. Březina attended the school between the years 1883-1887 and graduated from there.

Otokar Březina

Otokar Březina

After the calm inter – war period the Grammar School in Telč experienced the hard years of the World War II. In 1944 there was even issued an administrative direction ordering to cancel the school at all.
In a short time after the liberation of the country the Grammar School re-established its operation until 1953 when it was transformed, by merging basic school and secondary school, into the so–called Eleven-Year Comprehensive School.
In the school year 1954/55 the new school complex on Hradecká street was completed, so the school could move from the old realschule building into new venues. Exactly after ten years (in 1963) the Basic school was separated from the comprehensive school. By this act, our school regained its own building back. Since 1968 the four-year graduation study at the grammar school has been introduced. This type of study was supplemented with the multi-year grammar school (originally the seven- year study, today the eight-year study) in 1991. In the year 2004 the GOB in Telč and the Secondary Vocational School in Telč merged as one school facility by the order of the council of Vysočina Region.
The Secondary Vocational School in Telč was formed from the original Secondary Agricultural School (SZTŠ) which prolonged the pre-war tradition of the so-called previous Housekeeping School in Telč (founded in 1922).
The SZTŠ prepared agricultural specialists in the field of plant and livestock production and technical staff for the administration in agricultural production. The Secondary Vocational School (SOŠ) continually changed its specialization and broadened study branches with enterprising and tourism industry. Regarding the economic and social changes in the region the SOŠ Telč gradually focused on enterprising and services and economics and entrerprising.
After being merged the GOB and SOŠ were dislocated on different workplaces – in the school complex on Hradecká street, on the precincts of the former Jesuit College (now the University Centre of Masaryk University on the Telč square) or in the SOŠ boarding house on Batelovská street. Since 2011 all the workplaces have been joined together in the school complex on Hradecká street.

Study programs
The Grammar School provides the two following programs:
• General 8-year study for pupils from 5th classes of basic schools (79-41-K/81)
• Genaral 4-year study for pupils from 9th classes of basic schools (79-41-K/41)
The general orientation of both studies is focused on those interested in further study at universities and colleges. The general subjects in higher forms are supplemented with the optional ones intended for further study specialization with the respect to graduates´ university options.
Possibilities of optional subjects combinations:
• Two of three foreign languages (English, German, French)
• Choice of two arts (music, arts and crafts)
• In 2nd form one voluntary subject (basics of administration)
• In 3rd form two double-unit subjects from the combinations (latin/descriptive geometry, English/German conversation)
• In 4th form two double-unit subjects from the combinations (latin/descriptive geometry, English/German conversation) and two four-hour seminars from the following subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, civics, geography, history)
• Further options in the last two forms – voluntary subject information technology

The Secondary Vocational School offers:
• General + vocational four-year study with the specialization for economics and enterprising (63-41-M/01)

School activities
• Instructive ski courses
• Courses of watery sports
• Participation in school, regional, territorial and national laps of the olympiads in various subjects
• Involvement in many national and international youth projects
• Specific and get-to-know excursions both at home and abroad
• Stays abroad aimed at the development of language skills
• Representation of the City of Telč in cultural and sports events at home and abroad
• Using school sports facilities (open-air playfield, gymnasiums, indoor mutifunctional hall, fitness centre)in the free time
• School parliament
• Students´school magazine

Carreer perspectives
The GOB and SOŠ Telč secures a high-quality preparation for the studies at all types of universities and upper secondary schools. The number of grammar school graduates admitted to universities reaches over 90 % of all applicants. The school provides a good self-realization in practical occupations and offers preparatory courses to pass the basic level of the state examination from foreign languages and the state examination from keyboard typing as well.

Gymnázium Otokara Březiny
a Střední odborná škola Telč
Hradecká 235, 588 56 Telč
+420 567 584 551

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